Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Chaos" In The Making cont'd

Seems like yesterday I was at the end of my 40 weeks, doing every known idea to speed myself into labor.  I tried EVERYTHING from vigorous walks, stimulation of the...sensitive area, extra adult time, and shoving primrose up...cough, cough. Nothing helped, just for future advice to some.

Well, we went in on a EARLY Tuesday morning to be induced.  Oh, I had the giggles with excitement and nervousness. They started that Pitocin and within 30 minutes, if not shorter, the crampies started. Game Face Time!  Yes, I am the one that deepens the voice and does the pep talk in the huddle before games.  You can only imagine how this went down. Cheyenne and I leaned in, him yelling, "I wish pain upon you!"  Both of us jumping up and down with our little grunts and then BREAK.  I was FIRED!  I grabbed my birthing ball with confidence and was ready to pop this child out!  Time to focus!

Labor is definitely not a time of glamour and modesty.  That all goes out the window.  You are pumped full of fluids and poked by numerous people several times an hour.  No FUN! About 17 hours into it, the smiles go away and the beast comes out.  I did not have any kind of meds, so I got the full labor all at once. OUCHY!   Now, I had the sudden urge to push.  Everyone left but the nurse and Cheyenne.  Ok, now we were going to push on the second contraction.  I bared down and gave a push, and OWE! (The concept of giving birth is beautiful but in reality, it is painful.) Killian's heart rate dropped and then I was yelled at by the nurse to do this funky maneuver and was slapped in the face with an non-rebreather mask. (Wore it through most of the pushing)  His heart rate went up and life was good again.  Finally, the midwife arrived. 

There were times my rear end was in the air, in peoples faces, leg nearly above my head..I tried every possible position.  About 2 hours into pushing, it was entertaining, because at that time they had to call for back up nurses, 4 nurses+midwife+Cheyenne...2 were holding my legs, midwife was holding the sheet where we played tug of war, and the other 2 were wiping the sweat off or rubbing my back. They were all doing the huddle pep talk and said, "push, push, PUUUUUSSSHHHHHHH!"  Then, vomit, everywhere.  They just ripped off the gown completely.  By this time, modesty is laughed upon.

I am proud of myself though, I never screamed.

 After 3 hours of strenuous pushing, it was now time for an emergency c-section.  SCARY!  I was wheeled into the OR.  Killian was lodged pretty bad in my pelvis.  I overheard the doc talking about how he cannot get the bleeding to stop.  The fear was setting in and then I passed out.  

My son was finally born.  Sadly, I do not remember much, not until 2 days after delivery. However,  I do remember someone making a comment about hoping it does not look like an alien and the first glimpse I saw of my son...he had the worst cone head ever.  The doctor even said he has not seen one that bad.   

The picture is 2 days after, so imagine his head sticking out
another 3inches or so

December 16, 2009       7lbs 19 inches

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