Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Zesty Lemonade

(listen to "soulshine" or "turn and turn again" while reading...gives it that zing)

I had someone ask me why I chose lemons.  I am going to pretend that person already knows the analogy behind it and that they want my perspective on the subject.  

When I think of life, I think of lemons and that wonderful overused phrase, "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade." Lets take a second and think about lemons.  They are bright yellow, so they automatically cheer you.  They have that wonderful citrus smell that makes your mouth water.  Finally, they are juicy!  This just makes me feel all kinds of excitement.

Yes, lemons are bright, put off a delightful aroma, and look so dang tasty.  You now start to dig into the lemon.  You take a bite out and it will make you pucker those lips.  The juice squirts you in the eye or runs into a tiny cut, I do not care who you are, you will squeal like a little girl. After being tortured, you decide to leave it be, turning this lemon brown and waste away. 

You are now left with decisions.  This is when you want something sweeter and decide to make some lemonade.  In order to make it, you have to grab that sour, juicy citrus and squeeze it. You have to "man up" and take that stinging in your eye or cut that you have.  Once you are done with one lemon, you have to grab another and do it again and again, until you have accomplished your goal.  If you keep going, you will have that sweet, succulent lemonade that will make you sigh with refreshment.

This is exactly how life is.  If you stare out a window at life, it looks warm and fuzzy.  Then you step out into the world and it will come and bite you. This is when you make goals for something sweeter or let life overcome you. If you choose to make your life grand, you will face many obstacles.  Sometimes you will be hit repeatedly over and over.  That is when you pick yourself up and fight through the "juice in the eye or cut." 

Remember, nothing will come easy. Life will hit you with everything that it has.  Just stay strong and fight with your head held high. You will accomplish and be rewarded with your "zesty lemonade."  

I have gone through many triumphs since I was a little girl. I continue to go through the world's carousel.  You go up and down in continuous circles. Life is hard.  The world is hard.  It is up to you on your choices and the direction you want to follow.  This is why my life is a "lemon."

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