Monday, December 3, 2012

In the beginning...

(Turn on music, more dramatic when you are reading)

Well, I have done it.  I am now in the circle of blogging.  I have never done anything like this before or have even written journals about myself.  Makes me feel a little conceited.  This is going to be more than a log of my daily life.  I will never say, "I am now eating a banana." (Hhhhmm I might actually do that).  Ok, if I do write about eating a banana, I promise to have some kind of education behind it.

The point of my bloggy is to help inspire, mostly for me but I hope others will also gain something from it.  I am kind of weird and I like to write things down and analyze everything to better understand.  Like I said, WEIRD!

In the beginning... we  have already covered a microscopic bit of point of this blog.  Now, time for an intro of me.

My name is Erin Ireland (I know, a little redundant) and I am a little shy of 27 years of age. I am currently in the paramedic program.  I am a very adventurous gal.  I love the beauty of everything.  I am also a gummy bear and zombie junkie!

Killian is my oldest son.  He is 2 years old, that will be 3 on the 16th.  I call him "Chaos".  Completely obsessed with Lightning McQueen and airplanes.  I guess what 2-3 old is not.

Gavin is my youngster.  He is 15 months old.  For those that do not talk mommy, that is 1 year and 3 months.  Now, I call him "Mayhem"  He is full of needless destruction! Just like a younger sibling, he loves torturing his older brother. (I know because I was the youngest for awhile).

That's all I have to say for now.  You will learn more through out this journey.  There will be sweet and sour moments and maybe some lemon juice in the eye.

Please, be patient with me while I still try to figure everything out on here.

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